Scoping Day Workshop

Have a great idea or a complex project and not sure where to start?

Our workshops are a perfect solution to bringing your idea to life

What is a Scoping Day?

The Move Digital scoping day exercise is an immersive full day workshop that is dedicated to exploring, discussing and defining how your idea is going to work.

We discuss user stories, define the systems flow of your key user types, identify user needs and then we draw and discuss wireframes on how your idea will work from signup to payment to marketing and exposure.

What is a Scoping Day? In one word... CLARITY.

Did you know that 80% of projects that fail do so because of inadequate planning?

What happens in a Scoping Day?


  1. A workshop goes from 10am to 5pm with 2 senior Move Digital consultants time. This is done in our boardroom or at your office location - your choice.

  2. Discussion and drawing of user flows and understanding how each user type will interact with your idea

  3. Discussion and drawing of wireframes on the whiteboard of how your system will work and the mechanics of the interface

  4. Discussion, planning and decisions on the exposure and deployment strategy of your concept

  5. A fully catered morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and beverages throughout the day.


  1. A detailed, fixed price quote based on our discussions

  2. A comprehensive technical specification with full details of your concept features, this is a 30 to 100 page document that is a blueprint for your project

  3. A fully working prototype of your concept that is web based, you can load on your mobile or laptop and walk through what your idea will look and function like.

How do I book a Scoping Day?

You can book a workshop right now by clicking the button below. We can usually accomodate a scoping day session within the same week of your enquiry.

Cost: $3,500 + GST

Please Note: This $3,500 + GST fee is 100% refundable if you proceed with your project in full.

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